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Hellofresh Review

I ordered my first delivery from Hello Fresh last week! Being an affiliate and promoting of Hello Fresh, i owed it to my readers to try them out and give an honest review! First off many of you may have not heard of Hello Fresh! Hello Fresh in a nutshell is home cooking made easy! It is DYI meal kits! The kits come with all fresh ingredients needed (preportioned out for you) and complete step by step directions delivered to your doorstep. I am going to go into details of my experience and the pros and cons, but if you want to try it out, Hello Fresh is offering 50% off your first box!

First, when you log on to the Hello Fresh website, it is very colorful and easy to navigate. It’s an easy set up process! First you create an account which is only a few easy steps! Next you pick a plan! There is three plan options. One is the veggie plan for families of 2 or 4 with 3 meals a week, the classic plan for families of 2 or 4 and you can get 3 or 4 meals a week, and lastly family plan is for 4 and 2 to 3 meals a week!

Now the next step is the fun part, picking your meals for the week. You get to chose between 13 meals designed and prepared by chefs working with Hello Fresh! I personally picked the Balsamic glazed meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes with almond green beans, chicken fajitas, and a Asian steak dish with white rice and broccoli!

The first meal I made for me and my partner was the Balsamic glazed meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes and almond green beans. I have to say we both were pleasantly surprised with the taste and the portion size!  The meal was extremely tasty and very filling. All the ingredients came pre-portioned and ready to go! Then meal came with a recipe card with step by step easy directions to follow! Hello fresh is great for beginner cooks just learning to cook or people who work weekdays and do not have time to shop and prepare meals.

Hello Fresh has a lot of Pros:

-The ingredients are farm fresh ingredients.
-Easy to follow step by step directions with pictures to follow.
-Ingredients come pre-portioned and ready to go!
-Easy to skip weeks you don’t want deliveries and also easy to cancel membership anytime.
-Free delivery
-Veggie option
-Packaged with ice packs keeping everything fresh until I got home from work.


Hello Fresh Cons:

-1 week turnaround, so if it is something you want to make you are going to have to wait!
-It’s a membership, so if you forget to skip a week you don’t want, you will automatically be sent the pre chosen meals and be charged.
-It’s great the pre-portioned ingredients, but i would have preferred if the onion came diced and the the garlic minced. this would have saved time and ur back on the extra dishes.

My overall experience with Hello Fresh, I would highly recommend it! It was fun! It’s not something i recommend doing all the time, but it’s fun taking some weeks off from grocery shopping, planning, and cooking! The meals are planned for you and the recipe and groceries are delivered to your doorstep or in my case to my door man!  I Also highly recommend Hello Fresh for any beginners out there with a little chef inside them!

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