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Ginger Chicken Potato Soup


Recipe courtesy of Jin Kuang

A couple of weeks ago, I had a horrible summer cold. You name it, I had it!  Cough, stuffy nose and head, fever, sore throat, and sneezing…the works!  I was miserable for a whole week.  Half way through this cold I was researching different recipes for homemade soup. Yes soup In the summer!  Hey it works when your sick!  I wanted a soup that would be easy on the stomach and throat.  I wanted something that was good for colds, but still tasted good!  I Got this recipe from a friend for Chicken Ginger Potato Soup!  A definite must have on your fall/winter recipe list, especially during flu season!


1-PKG of Chicken legs, 1-PKG of Chicken thighs, carrots, ginger, baby potatoes, celery, fresh cilantro, 1-yellow onion, parsley, salt, pepper, 1-lemon, garlic Powder, Soy Sauce, Goya Recaito (green cilantro cooking base), Olive Oil, and Fresh spinach. 


  1.  To season chicken- salt, pepper, lemon, paprika, garlic powder, soy sauce, goya recaito (green cilantro cooking base), and olive oil.
  2.  Marinade for at least 30 mins room temperature.
  3.  Brown the chicken in the pot, stir in all the veggies (except the spinach). Add enough water to make a soup… bring to a boil, then lower fire to low and stew for 1 1/2 to 2hrs…. you might have to add in more water during that time, stirring gently.

**Also a tip, i removed all the chicken from the bones when the soup was done and added it back to the pot!

***This soup is all about your judgement as far as the amount of ingredients.  So definitely do a lot of broth taste tests!

When it’s done, put some spinach in a bowl and pour the soup on top, wait 4 mins and enjoy!  You will definitely feel better after trying this soup!

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