Filipino Chicken Adobong



Special shout out to my Dear Friend Chris Casco for this amazing recipe and teaching me how to cook my first Filipino dish!!! Made it several times and getting better every time!

 Here is the recipe for the Adobong, this can be utilized with chicken aka “manok”, pork aka “baboy” and squid aka “pusit”!  I have only done and tried the chicken version, But  its beyond delicious!


1  Package of Perdue Drumsticks      

1 package of Perdue Thighs                                            


Garlic Powder

Bay Leaves     

Heinz Distilled white vinegar       

Kikkoman Low Sodium Soy Sauce      

3 Limes       



 You want to marinate the meat. In a bowl with the meat after zcutting it to whatever sizes you desire, know that if you use some pieces of meat with bone, it will amplify the flavor of the dish because of the bone marrow.

 *Marination should be at least 12 hours up to 24 hours*

 – Incorporate a few shakes of Garlic Powder and MSG 

 – A small shake of ground pepper or you can use peppercorns (I prefer the pepper)

 – Bay leaves and ripped them in quarters 

 – Pour in a splash of regular distilled Vinegar

 – Pour in several splashes of enough to cover 30% of the bottom of the bowl, low sodium Soy sauce (Kikkoman or Filipino brand works best)

 – Depending on how much meat you are prepping, you may need 2 or 3 limes, squeezing all the juice on the chicken (I use 3, I like the lime addition to this recipe)

 – Secret ingredient: Sprite!  incorporate a good splash in there!

 *Now get your hands in there and mix it up well; making sure each and every crevice has been covered, then cover and place in the fridge.


– Heat a dry large pan on medium fire with 2 tablespoons of Canola oil

 – Mince or crush 4-5 cloves of garlic & place them in the preheated pan to saute until slightly brown (i use food processer to mince my garlic)

 – With tongs or your hand, place the meat one by one in the pan, with the remaining marinade in the bowl, you can pour a little bit of that in the pan with the meat and put the bowl on the side in case you want to incorporate more of that; depending on how much of the Adobong sauce you want ( I personally use the majority of the sauce! I like my food very saucey. Plus the more sauce the more moist the chicken and you will have leftovers as a dipping sauce)

 – Fold meat in increments of 10-15 mins, after half hour lower heat to low/medium and let it saute with you continuously folding them within now 15-20 

 – Adobong should be done within an hour 


The first time I made this dish, I served with White rice as it is very flavorful.  The second time i made it, I served with Brussels sprouts and corn on the cob!!  The last time I made it with Cauliflower Fried Rice (recipe will be in another post!)  Your choices of sides are endless!



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