Culinary Exploration With Mealswithmark In Puerto Vallarta Mexico Part 1


My partner and I love to travel! We travel several times a year to escape the hustle and bustle of our everyday life and to escape the cold to bask in the sun and enjoy life! One of the greatest parts to our world travels is the culinary exploration along the way! To start our 2018 of traveling, our adventure took us to the sunny West Coast of Mexico to the gay-friendly town of Puerto Vallarta! PV is an amazingly charming town you can be open and free to explore everything it has to offer and we sure did.

The biggest negative of the trip was the traveling to get to Puerto Vallarta. We live in New York, so there was no direct flight and we had over a six-hour layover in Mexico City! The Mexico City Airport is not that big and doesn’t boast a lot to see and do! However, my partner and I made the best of it and started our culinary exploration at none other than Chili’s! We were not going to let our first trip of 2018 start on a sour note!

Ok before you laugh and make comments, there was not a whole lot of options at the Mexico Airport to start our Mexican food journey! And at least this Chili’s was technically in Mexico. We both started off with a classic Margarita! Nothing starts off a trip to Mexico like a Margarita can! We did the classic on the Rocks! It was surprisingly a pretty great margarita considering it was from a “chain” restaurant!

We ordered the guacamole and chips for an appetizer! The waitress who was very friendly came to our table and made the guacamole fresh for us right at our table and made it to our liking! The guacamole was extremely well made. It was the perfect blend of spices and lime! As well as some of the freshest avocados and tomatoes! The homemade guacamole and the margarita on the rocks definitely helped us forget about our layover! Ok, maybe not all of it but definitely helped.

For main entrees, my partner ordered the buffalo chicken salad and I ordered the chicken fajitas! (We always split our meals so we can try more things on the menu). The fried buffalo chicken and the blue cheese crumbles were so good and complimented each other extremely well. However, I wish they gave more salad dressing. This made the salad a little bit dry.

My chicken fajitas were cooked well but they were nothing special to write home about! They lacked the wow factor when it came to taste! Overall, I will give this Mexican Chili’s an 8 for presentation and making the homemade Quac at the table and I would give them a 6 on flavor and taste of the food! So not a bad start to our Mexican food journey.

After our six- hour layover and another hour plus second plane ride, we touched down after 10pm in Puerto Vallarta. We had a colorful commentary of the vast offerings of the town by our energetic cab driver! After checking into the hotel and showering, that was the end of day #1 of our journey!

Day #2 of our journey lacked food. You will see why after you keep reading. We awoke the next day and decided to venture out into the town to see what it had to offer and boy it didn’t disappoint! There were endless shops, clubs/bars and restaurant choices from tourist traps to authentic Mexican fare! We found a breakfast place we wanted to try that we read about, but there was a line around the block at this popular establishment. We made note of it to return another day on this trip! We had a running list of placing to go to as we got the lay of the land.

So, we settled on a small hole in the wall coffee shop called Petricor. We had a tradition native house blend coffee! The coffee was fresh, steaming hot, and was a strong blend like we both enjoy! It’s one of the better cups of coffee I have had in a long time. Petricor had a pastry case filled with homemade desserts made by the girls who work at the shop! Let me just tell you these deserts looked so amazing. Our mouths were watering before we even picked which one.

We settled for the tres leches cake since we were in Mexico and boy it didn’t disappoint! I have a recipe on my blog for tres leches cake and this one is very comparable! So moist and delicious! The milk sauce was so decadent.  The girls at Petricor, definitely have talent! This is a must stop when you’re in PV.

After our delightful breakfast, we walked the boardwalk and checked out some of the local shops! While walking on the boardwalk and taking in the scenery, we came across a free tequila tour and tasting at Oscar’s Tequila Distillery!

Yes, you heard that right, free tequila! We did a double take and then we took the tour! Our lovely tour guide showed us the steps and the process of making tequila then finished it off with 15 shots of some pretty amazing Tequila! It’s safe to say we were feeling very well after that! lol

On our next stop on the way back to our hotel beach club, we decided to stop for lunch at a local authentic Mexican restaurant. That was the theme of this trip and avoiding all the tourist trap places. We chose Los Abuelos Restaurant and Bar!


Even though we just finished a Tequila tasting it was our first day in town so we had another Margarita and boy this blew the one from Chili’s out of the water! Stronger and tastier! There is just something about Margaritas made in Mexico versus having one back home!

The homemade salsa (which we are neither a huge fan of) was beyond delicious and we couldn’t stop eating it with the tortilla chips.  I’m sure the Tequila was helping, lol!  My partner ordered the Quesadilla and I ordered the Enchiladas.

Both of our dishes were extremely flavorful bursting with cheese and ethnic Mexican Spices

After this meal, we did some more walking around town and checked out some more sight before returning to the hotel’s beach club to listen to some music and sip some more Margarita’s sitting in the Jacuzzi.  Nothing beats that life.  Suffice it to say, that we did not make it to dinner that night with all of the drinking we did during the day.  LOL, it was an early night for us!


Look for Part II of this post with the rest of my Puerto Vallarta Experience!

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  1. Puerto Vallarta is beautiful! I used to go there every summer with my family when I was a little girl. All of these dishes look absolutely delicious! The soup looks especially appetizing right now!

  2. We’re headed to Nuevo Vallarta in 12 days–flying in to Puerto Vallarta. I can’t wait to have a margarita, and since we’re planning a tequila distillery tour, I’m curious if it will be Oscar’s! Love this post!

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