Culinary Exploration with Meals with Mark in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Part 3


Welcome back to my Culinary Exploration of Puerto Vallarta.  Day #4 took us to Fredy’s Tucan, voted #1 breakfast in town.  We arrived at Prime breakfast time.  There was a crowd of people waiting outside the restaurant, but the hostess stated we could sit right away if we wanted to sit at the bar.

We decided to not wait and take a seat at the bar.  We started with coffee while we looked over the menu.  The coffee was your typical breakfast diner coffee, but oh so good!  Definitely hit the spot.


They started us out with fresh pastries.  They brought over a tray and we both got to select what we wanted.  They were so fresh, flaky, sweet, filled with cream and fruit and delicious.  What a way to start off breakfast.

I ordered the Mascota Eggs-Two poached eggs served on two fried tortillas and smoke pork loin bathed in a bean chipotle sauce and topped with Panela Cheese and avocado on top.  It was a traditional Mexican Breakfast dish.  I enjoyed the bean chipotle sauce my dish was smothered in and the Panela Cheese was good, something I never had before.  Good texture and taste, complimented dish very well.  Everything was cooked to perfection.

My partner ordered the Monterrey Omelette-with Chihuahua cheese and chorizo, bathed with red Ranchera Sauce and a side of hashbrowns.   The hashbrowns were crispy and just the right amount of salt.  The Omelette was loaded with loads of chorizo, delicious Chihuahua cheese, and fresh veggies. The omelet was perfectly made.  I give Fredy’s Tucan 8 out of 10.  This is a definite must visit breakfast place to visit when in Puerto Vallarta.  Quick and friendly service and quality food at great prices.

After breakfast and sightseeing all day, my partner and I attended the Adam & Steve weekly clothing option pool party at Hotel Casa Cupulo featuring beats by an international DJ and a performance from a drag queen from RuPaul’s drag race.  We had so much fun!  This is a must when you visit Puerto Vallarta.  It is from 2-7 on Saturdays.  It’s $250 pesos to get in. Towel service and two drinks are included. So worth the price and the drinks are strong.  We spent the majority of the time in the hot tub and met some great people from around the world and then we jumped in the pool and played toss while listening to some amazing beats.

After we left the pool party, we went to Sky Bar.  Another must visit place for drinks when visiting Puerto Vallarta.  Absolutely stunning views of PV, probably the best in the whole island.  The drinks were delicious and they give you microwave popcorn for a snack!  The atmosphere was exquisite, comfortable and cozy. Not to mention, I had the best company on the whole Island, my partner.  Two words to describe Sky Bar….Pure Bliss.

Day #5 started off with breakfast.  We went to a popular bakery in Zona Romantica called Yarita Bakery.  We had frequently walked by this bakery all week and it always smelt amazing.  So we made it our goal to try it before our trip ended.  Not sure what we ate, due to no one speaking English in the shop, but just take it from us, it’s worth trying and if you take a mental note of my picture you will know what to grab.  We shared a savory (ham and cheese type pastry pocket) and a sweet (puff pastry filled with cream) treat for breakfast with coffee.

It was a little messy to be eating out on the street but so worth the mess.  They were fresh as can be and devilishly good.

Since it was our last full day in town and we had a fancy dinner planned for our last night, we spend the day walking around taking pictures and shopping.  Puerto Vallarta is definitely a charming town with lots of stuff to do and see.  Definitely won’t get bored. **disclaimer if your going to look at this locals “artwork” rock sculpture make sure you tip!


For lunch, we found a cheap food stand called Tacos El Bigotes located off of the boardwalk in the touristy shopping area.  We wanted a light snack, due to our fancy dinner at night.  We both got a Chorizo quesadilla. Can I just say OMG!  We basically paid next to nothing and it was the perfect size we were looking for lunch.  The flavor was so surprising out of this world coming from a stand type establishment.

After lunch, we had drinks at a local sports bar to watch the AFC championship game.  Patriots versus Jaguars.  We finished the second half in our hotel room to rest up before dinner.  We had a half hour walk later for dinner.  The Patriots pulled off the victory and became repeat AFC Champions! Go Pats!

Our last dinner in Puerta Vallarta took us to Café Des Artistes, a French restaurant on the hills of Puerto Vallarta, a half hour walk from our hotel.  My partner booked the restaurant weeks in advance of our trip.

It’s a popular restaurant.  You can make reservations ahead of time, but if you want to sit in the garden area, it’s first come, first serve.  We made sure we arrived early for our reservation to get into the garden area.  Let me tell you, It was worth it!  One word to describe the outside Garden….Magical.  It was filled with beautiful flowers and décor and had a gentleman playing the harp serenading all the tables.


First off, I want to just mention the service.  We were assigned two servers during our dinner and the service was top notch.  They were on top of every detail.

Since our reservation was early we ordered off the early bird menu which is a three-course prefix menu.  We started off with two glasses of Mexican Chardonnay and the freshest bread basket I have ever had.  You know when your meal starts off with an amazing bread basket and great wine, your in for a treat.

Even though we did the early bird three-course prefix, I ordered the cheese sampler platter.  What a treat!  It was five of the most incredible cheeses I have ever had and they were paired with a specific bread and they all complimented each other perfectly.  The cheeses were so rich and savory.  They included fresh Goat Cheese from Aotonilco with Truffle Honey, Cotija Cheese with a green tomato compote, Ramonetti Cheese with a mango chutney, Grana Padano Cheese with white Raisin pudding, and Blue Gorgonzola Cheese with Port Wine Jelly.  Our two favorites were the Goat Cheese and the Ramonetti Cheese with the mango chutney.  All the cheese were sourced from Mexico.

For the first course of our Early Bird three-course meal, we both got the Cream of Prawn and Pumpkin Soup.  The server came out with a large pumpkin filled with the steamy soup and served us at the table.  Very unique and interesting.  The soup was refreshing and surprisingly not fishy with the Prawns. It wasn’t heavy for a soup it was the perfect balance after all the rich cheeses and cleansed our palettes for the main course.

The main courses we both ordered different so we could share.  I ordered the “Vacio” Argentine Steak Au Mesquite-Chili “pasilla” pepper sauce, grilled onions, Potato Siphon, and French green beans!  Let me just tell you that saying that the meat melts in your mouth, is true from Café Des Artistes.  The steak was cooked beyond perfection!  Everything on this plate was a work of art (magazine picture quality) and everything was absolutely delectable.

My partner ordered the Pan Seared Salmon and wild Sorrel Cream-served with Cured cactus, black coral, and lemon polenta.  It came out looking so perfect it, we weren’t sure we were supposed to eat it!  Presentation, pairings, sauce, the taste was beyond scrumptious!  If that was my final meal ever, I would have been satisfied.  That good!

We were super full, but we still had one course left, Dessert.  Again we shared, so we can try more.  We ordered the Tropical Cheesecake and the Milk Caramel Crème Brulee.  Again they came out and looked like masterpieces.  We only had a few bites of each since we were both full!  They were both incredible and unique in their own way.

The tropical cheesecake had caramelized Dominican Bananas, Passion fruit, guava, and Meringues.  It was a heavenly blend in my mouth of the freshest fruit and the most savory cheesecake.


The Crème Brulee was by far one of the prettiest desserts I have ever seen.  This dessert was amazing, but definitely in small doses.  It was overly sweet!  The presentation was something out of a magazine.  Probably one of the most beautiful desserts I have ever seen.

Overall Café Des Artistes gets a 10 out of 10!  If there was higher it would get it!  This restaurant was so good, its almost reason enough to visit Puerto Vallarta again!

The final part of my food exploration will be coming soon!

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