10 Smart Ways to Save on Groceries


10 Smart Ways to Save on Groceries

If your like me, you do the grocery shopping for your household.  Grocery stores are expensive.  Since we all have to eat, there is no way of avoiding buying groceries.  Despite the groceries being high in cost, it is definitely the cheaper alternative making homemade meals vs. dining out!  You can get great recipes on mealswithmark (shameless plug, lol).  Here are 10 smart ways to save on groceries and these are things I practice as well.
1.  Never shop hungry  
Most people shop after work and before dinner! That’s a big NO NO!  When you shop hungry, you tend to buy more than you need! Try shopping when you are on a full stomach.  What I do sometimes, I will shop during my lunch break after I have eaten lunch or shop on the weekends after planning out a few meals, so I am not buying extra stuff that I don’t need!
2.  Pay attention to the big sales!    
 A lot of grocery stores have weekly circulars that you can see whats on sale!  My local grocery store hangs posters on all its windows letting you know what the big sales are!  If it is a product you use often and its on sale stock up!
3.  Don’t Let the name brands fool you!  
You might be used to certain things by the name brand, but read the labels.  The generic sometimes can be much cheaper with the same exact ingredients or pretty close.  So why pay for just a label for the same product.
4.  Don’t buy tolietries at the supermarket  
Tolietries at the supermarket are overpriced.  I get all my toiletries at bed bath and beyond or Jet.com. Cheaper prices and they always offer coupons or free shipping!


5.  Best advice make a list  
When I go to the store without a list, I end up buying something I already have at home or add stuff I don’t need!  To save money, make a list. This is a must.  Meal plan and stick to the list.  No matter how good those Cinnabon Oreos look, still stick to the list.  You will be surprised when your look through your cabinets and fridge, there are no doubles of items or unecessary junk!
6.  Don’t be embarrassed by coupons   
Point blank, coupons can save you a lot of money!  Check out coupons.com and also check out your local grocery stores circular for coupons as well. Sometimes you can even use double coupons on certain items.  Don’t feel like your a “welfare case” by using coupons! Think and fell that you are smart and you saved money that you could use at the spa or towards a vacation!
7.  Absolutely no prepared foods  
That’s why your here on mealswithmark.com is for some yummy recipes for home cooked meals to avoid premade meals. Prepared foods jack up the prices for convenience. So stop being lazy and give prepared foods the middle finger.  Now pick out your favorite recipe on mealswithmark.com and make a shopping list (and stick to it) and make something for half the price and tastes so much better! (Yes this was a shameless plug for my site, lol)
8.  Spices can be expensive  
Has anyone bought any spices lately?  I can not believe how expensive. At my local grocery store (yeah I know it’s New York), but it was $6+ for most of the seasonings!  I learned by googling how to make my own spices with the existing spices in my cabinet.  Surprisingly, tastes like the real thing and saved so much money!
9.  Online grocery shopping     
I was the first one to say “no” to shopping online for groceries. I liked going to the store seeing and feeling the foods and also either he option for impulse buys. With online shopping you can avoid the lines at the store and also have huge savings. They not only have sales, they also offer $ amount off total purchase and sometimes over free shipping!  I recommend peapod, hello fresh, or fresh direct!  The only drawback is need to plan ahead.


10.  Make enough food so there is leftovers!  
When meal planning, always plan to have leftover so you can take it for lunch the next day or for dinner the following night!  It gives you a break from cooking and you will realize it also saves money.


  1. Excellent tips! There are two here that I always make sure to apply myself: Never go shopping hungry and make a list. I find sticking to a list helps a lot and this way yo never spend more than enough!

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